We dive into the Storage-Stack, ride on Storage-Protocols and give hints, why Dell, VMware, Intel and NVIDIA is a good combo in the fight for better Workload Performance

Latency is delay. Everyone knows the waiting time when calling up a web page until all content is displayed and loaded. The faster something loads, the better the user experience. This is also true in the enterprise. There, it’s primarily database entries or documents that need to be accessed as quickly as possible. If it takes too long, employee satisfaction drops and, at some point, so does productivity. Latency can also be business-critical. Search engines often display the results with the fastest load times first. If you’re not in the top two, the conversion happens elsewhere; valuable sales opportunities are…

On 15 July 2021, data://disrupted®-Editor-in-Chief Kerstin visited the Nuvias Summer Party in Munich. Nuvias is a pan-European value add distributor specialising in cybersecurity and network infrastructure technologies. Among the manufacturers are Juniper, Fortinet, Bitdefender and riverbed, as well as many lesser-known companies.

Among the latter is the Polish start-up Sycope with its product FlowControl — a solution for analysing network traffic and detecting threats. FlowControl analyses 500,000 flows in 1.82 seconds. This is equivalent to the record time for changing a tyre in Formula 1.

We wanted to know: Is this really something special? What can others do? What does…

The threat landscape for enterprises — large and small — is changing. External attackers are still responsible for most attacks. Their share is rising steadily at the same rate as the involvement of internal perpetrators is declining.

Espionage also appears to be playing an increasingly minor role. The involvement of actors identified as nation-state or state-affiliated fell from 23% to less than 5% over the past two years. On the other hand, the share of organised crime rose from 39% to over 80% in the same period. De facto, all attacks are now financially motivated. The most popular tools and…

This article is about network security, higher resilience and modern network infrastructure. The size of the enterprise doesn’t matter.

Dynamic infrastructure for a connected world

Protection no longer happens at the perimeter. Networks must be protected from within and preferably as transparently to the user respectively as automatically as possible. data://disrupted® editor-in-chief Kerstin was a delegate at the 25th Network Field Day. One of the presenting partners, Aruba Networks, combined network management with IT security.

Aruba Edge Services Platform ESP

Every industry faces its own challenges when it comes to IT security. However, a few measures apply globally to all:

  • Analyze and secure services, applications, users, devices and protocols.
  • Making complex…

Let’s get one thing straight right away: This article is not about classic perimeter protection. The perimeter is dead! In this article, you’ll learn how to truly protect your business model from cyber threats — both internal and external.

Threats of a modern work world
Cyberthreats lurking around every corner.

More than six out of ten U.S. IT leaders say the pandemic has made it harder to defend against cyberattacks. In Germany, the situation is likely to be significantly more devastating. …

More automation, more virtualisation, more software defined, more scale-out — and most importantly, more YANG: as announced, in Episode 7 of our podcast we talk again about Networking Field Day 25. This time it’s all about Network as a Service, scale-out for routers, programmable microservices and guided troubleshooting.

data://express — the Podcast
data://express is data://disrupted®’s podcast about technology and enterprise grade IT solutions.

We talk about troubleshooting in a little more detail. What VMware, Nokia, Path Solutions, Kemp and Juniper presented to us hardly had anything to do with classic monitoring and troubleshooting, and at times caused our editor-in-chief to gasp — not always with enthusiasm.

All manufacturers address what is probably the biggest challenge…

ransomware demand
Ransomware is not trivial.

The largest gasoline pipeline in the U.S. has been mostly down after a ransomware attack on the system’s operator, Colonial Pipeline. According to reports, the attackers initially stole nearly 100 gigabytes of data, then locked the computers — and demanded a ransom. Colonial hoped to have the entire system back up and running within a week. Until then, a regional state of emergency has been in effect and oil needed being transported in tankers.

The pipeline is the main source of diesel, gasoline and jet fuel for the U.S. East Coast. More than 300 million gallons of fuel flow through…

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