We dive into the Storage-Stack, ride on Storage-Protocols and give hints, why Dell, VMware, Intel and NVIDIA is a good combo in the fight for better Workload Performance

Latency is delay. Everyone knows the waiting time when calling up a web page until all content is displayed and loaded. The faster something loads, the better the user experience. This is also true in the enterprise. There, it’s primarily database entries or documents that need to be accessed as…

This article is about network security, higher resilience and modern network infrastructure. The size of the enterprise doesn’t matter.

Dynamic infrastructure for a connected world

Protection no longer happens at the perimeter. Networks must be protected from within and preferably as transparently to the user respectively as automatically as possible. data://disrupted® editor-in-chief Kerstin was a delegate…

More automation, more virtualisation, more software defined, more scale-out — and most importantly, more YANG: as announced, in Episode 7 of our podcast we talk again about Networking Field Day 25. This time it’s all about Network as a Service, scale-out for routers, programmable microservices and guided troubleshooting.

data://express — the Podcast
data://express is data://disrupted®’s podcast about technology and enterprise grade IT solutions.

We talk…

Kerstin Stief

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